About Us

Leading suppliers of footwear - from design concept to delivered product. Incorporated in 1928, Bacup's pedigree is founded on its long history as a quality footwear manufacturer. Even today many of the Company's personnel have a technical background in shoe manufacture.

Its customers include many of the UK's leading high street stores. The Company's head office in Bacup, Lancashire includes a 100,000 sq.ft. warehouse and distribution centre. Manufacture is now focussed in the Far East and India.

From Wellingtons to Wedding shoes!....All footwear product types for all age categories and both genders are supplied, including training shoes, slippers, shoes, canvas and EVA's. Bacup offers innovative design at outstanding value.

The Company's design and customer liaison teams work closely with the client to ensure absolute harmony with their promotional plans, merchandising objectives and supply chain policies.

Bacup also boasts exclusive rights to many famous children's and adult character licenses.